We offer 30, 45 & 60 minute classes along with an unlimited fee that can't be beat! Dancing is an affordable sport at Shoreline. We will let you know what your dancer needs before entering any class, there are no hidden costs! We are happy to discuss times/prices and all other questions at any time. Contact us through our contact page or just give us a call at (651) 385-0252.

Part of Our Philosophy - To allow our students time to fully participate in quality family time and the activities and educational opportunities of their respective churches, we do not schedule classes on Wednesday evenings or Sundays.

Class Descriptions
Please Note: All classes based on age of children at time of enrollment, but may change by ability & with instructor permission.
Recreational Division
3-5 Year Old Ballet & Tap
This class will introduce our youngest and newest dancers to the joy of dance in a classroom setting. They are taught basic ballet and tap movements along with dance terminology. Ballet and tap shoes are required. Students in this class will perform one tap and one ballet dance at our Spring Recital and will need to purchase one costume.
Beginning Level
For dancers ages 5 to 8, beginning level classes introduce and reinforce basic technique. We recommend this level to students that have classroom experience.
Intermediate Level
For dancers ages 9-12, we recommend this level to students that are ready for a more in depth study into their chosen genre of dance.
Advanced Level
For dancers ages 12 & up who have previous dance experience.
A class open to all our dancers and their parent/guardian/favorite adult. When sign up is complete in February, the class is broken down into three or four smaller groups, grouped loosely according to size. These small group will have four separate classes starting in late March and then all will attend two large group classes to complete the dance. Costumes will once again be ordered through the studio to create a uniform look. You will be informed of the theme and costume cost for this year’s dance before sign up is required in February. We encourage all moms and dads to give this class a try. It takes little time and some effort but creates memories that last a lifetime...life time.......
Technical Division
Technique classes are available for students who want to improve their overall skills. Ballet is the foundation of most dance forms. We recommend enrollment in ballet if overall technique improvement is your goal. Lyrical class requires enrollment in ballet - no exceptions. All classes will perform at our spring recital and will need to purchase required costume(s) and shoes as mandated by Shoreline Dance.
We offer Beginning (ages 5-8), Intermediate (ages 9-12), and Advanced levels (ages 12 and up).
Technique and terminology for ballet at every level in a fun and positive classroom setting. Ballet shoes are required. Students in this class will perform one ballet dance at our spring recital and will need to purchase one costume.
Ballet is the basis of dance but Jazz technique is important too. We offer jazz technique and terminology at every level! Jazz shoes are required. Students in this class will perform one ballet dance at our spring recital and will need to purchase one costume.
An expressive dance combining forms of ballet and jazz. Foot thongs or jazz shoes required. Must be enrolled in ballet and have previous experience in ballet. One recital costume.
Classes designed for tap students who wish to improve their overall technique. Tap shoes are required. One recital costume.
Musical Theatre
The style or genre of Musical Theatre combines various styles of dance with a theatrical show tune. Jazz shoes required. One recital costume.
Hip Hop
A Fun and Funky style of “street dance”. For recital, shoes mandated by the teacher MUST be purchased along with the costume.
Competition Division
Team Requirements
Anyone invited to join one of our competition team dances must attend ballet. If a dancer chooses to join only one team dance, the dancer must attend one ballet weekly. If a dancer chooses to join more than one team dance, they must attend all of our technical ballets offered weekly at their level.
No more than 3 UNEXCUSED absences throughout the season. Examples of excused absences are the following: school functions; choir concerts, band concerts, school projects, contagious sicknesses; (same policy as school). The Studios that we compete against i.e., Dancer’s Edge, Fusion, Larkin, Center Stage, Stage Door, Northland School of Dance, Legacy etc…require a tremendous amount of time from their dancers and parents. In the fall, usually beginning in November, competition team members are required to attend dance all week & most Saturdays, some Sundays. Quite often these rehearsals require extra payment. At Shoreline Dance we want to continue to compete at our current standard and maintain our family-friendly schedule. The only way to accomplish this is to make sure that all of our dancers attend all of their classes, including their technique classes. If this guideline is not adhered to, technique will erode.
Competition Costs
*Our competition students will be fitted for their required shoes (as per teacher) in January.
*Costume costs will be variable ranging from $120 - $150/costume, tutus may exceed this.
*Accessories include but are not limited to the following: tights ($8 - $22), wigs ($30-$45), earrings ($10-$12), hair clips ($8-12), tiaras($15-$40), & make-up ($15-$30).
*Charge for every competition entry - determined by competition, usually $28 - $35 per team entry.
*Possible hotel stay - $89-129/night
*Trophies are awarded one per team at competitions. You may want to purchase one for your dancer.
*One tube of glue $4 - $6
*Workshop fees (Competition students are required to attend in-house workshops)
*Monthly tuition
Costume rental for a solo from a previously used costume - $30/season & lost studs replaced.
Competition students will receive a separate bill for competition costumes & competition fees. This separate billing excludes the following: monthly tuition, shoes, tights, private lessons, accessories necessary for their dances, $5-$10 for a practice CD (depending on # of competition songs needed)solo/duet competition fees and make-up.
* 3-4 extra Saturday practices. Each student will be charged $10/class scheduled whether they attend or not. We will cap each practice day at $30/day. That means that if your dancer is only scheduled for 1 class, your cost will be $10 for that day, if your dancer is scheduled for 4 classes, your cost will cap at $30/day. These charges will be reflected on your monthly statement
There will be NO REFUNDS for competition fees, competitions costumes, techinical costumes and monthly tuition for a team member that quits mid season.
About Competitions
We will attend 2-4 competitions in the upcoming season. Dates will be published by October. If you have accepted placement on a competition team, 2 competitions, which all our teams attend,  are mandatory, no exceptions.  You will be expected to reschedule any personal conflict that occurs.  1-2 optional  competitions will be offered.
About Nationals
In the past, we have not encouraged going to national competitions. We had found that the experience was not different than regionals. However, some nationals are doing things differently and we are interested. We will not force our teams to attend Nationals but if the team as a whole is interested they may attend with our soloists and small groups that are choosing to do so.
Competition Criteria
We put a lot of time and thought into picking our competitions, comparing the following items...
*Competition reputation
*Variety of studios to compete against
*Past experiences
*Competition venue
*Length of competition - very important. As a general rule we avoid attending dance competitions that would require our dancers to miss more than one day of school or important school-related activities. Therefore, Friday-Sunday competitions work the best for us.
Hotel Stay
In regard to hotels, we will always post what hotel we are staying at so that our group can be together when at all possible. Staying at the same hotel is not a requirement, it is just FUN.
Parental Involvement
If a parent cannot complete costume requirements, there will be $25.00 fee per costume.
Costumes must be paid for and completed by date of Competition Dress Rehearsal. 
It is your responsibility to check our web site (www.shorelinedance.net), your mailbox and our bulletin board to be sure that you are informed.
Encourage your child to do their best and give 100% to their teacher and team. Remind them that when the teacher gives them specific direction, it is a compliment to be noticed and should be taken to heart as such.
You are strongly encouraged to attend the full weekends of our competitions. You can support not just your dancer’s team but all the teams, solos, duets & trios from our studio. Part of your child’s dance education is to experience performances from both the stage and the audience.
Thank you for choosing Shoreline Dance!